Current situation of amarok, and of latex tools

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Thu May 14 11:16:42 UTC 2009

Il giorno mer, 13/05/2009 alle 22.20 -0400, Daniel Chen ha scritto:
> > So: There is no common case.
> Which was my point precisely.
Oh come on; please be reasonable. I955 and similar chipsets have not
one, but so many different bugs on jaunty that the common case is under
your eyes. 

Go out, find ten laptops with this chipset, start the livecd and see for
yourself if you can work with such a slow thing. Then report the
numbers. If 10 is not sufficient try 100. If you can't, try setting up a
website for just testing regressions. Or since we already have launchpad
you can take a look for yourself: [BTW, where is the data from the
ubuntu hardware test?]

Please if you want to insist that the case is not common bring numbers.
The latex case is common indeed. If you don't believe me set up a
survey. If _I_ do that, it will be possible to argue that the poll is
biased or whatever. You won't get users switch from windows (I wonder
how it is even possible that tex users landed there, btw) if kile is
broken and okular is in the current state. Fixing problems requires
time. People is working on fixing the intel driver, or okular but jaunty
is released broken. I am tired of having to argue that things are broken
vs. things are broken just for me. If you prefer, instead of solving the
problem locally for every person who asks me, I will encourage them to
write e-mails here. (no, not really).

If every case can be argued to be uncommon, why worrying at all with
fixing bugs? No bug affects all users. 

I see that when bad things about ubuntu are pointed out, typically you
only get defensive answers by users. They all seem not to understand
that, at least in my case, I usually *do* defend ubuntu against too easy
critics, just like you. But if the problem exists, I'd like to see some
developers just admit it. No, I am not asking for a public "apologise"
as someone might imagine. I am asking a policy on regressions. I will
probably ask for it in every release until the end of the world, but I
still am not convinced that things are going well on that side.


It is also important to note that hedgehogs do not actually hurt each 
other when they get close to one another. Actually, when living in 
groups, hedgehogs often sleep close to each other.

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