Applet drivemount improvement

Martin Bammer mrb74 at
Tue May 5 17:06:37 UTC 2009


I've extended the applet drivemount with a simple but useful feature.
With the patch it shows activity in the drive icon by switching between
different icons. Additionally it shows the current transfer rates and
the total read and written bytes in the tooltip.
To have the switching icons enabled the corresponding icons have to be
installed at the correct place (16x16/devices). When the icons are
missing then the acitivity visualization is automatically disabled.
This patch brings the following improvements to the user:
- the user can see when the usb drive is accessed and which operation is
currently done (read=read icon is shown, write=write icon is shown).
This is especially interesting for devices which have no activity led
and when copy operations are done in a terminal.
- the user can see when a write operation is really finished.
- the user can see in the tooltip the real read and write performance
and the totally read and written bytes.

Would be great to see this patch in one of the next releases.

Cheers, Martin

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