problems updating lxde and gnome, both installed

Paulo Silva nitrofurano at
Mon Mar 23 20:56:40 UTC 2009


i have both gnome and lxde installed, and i got problems from the last
update - lxnm seems to have conflict with the package had nm-applet,
and got both uninstalled, and so, i got without internet connection

and since lxnm has only a script, i really don't know how conflictable
is this package - i used nm-applet on lxde for a long time, and never
had problems with it - and i'm all the time from gdm changing the boot
between gnome and lxde, which situation got hugelly problematic when
lxnm package were told to conflict with nm-applet

this recalls years ago when we also couldn't have both gnome and kde
installed together...

i hope this situation can be fixed soon, and sorry not being able to help...


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