Large files under ubuntu do not appear to work

Max Bowsher maxb at
Wed Mar 25 15:26:18 UTC 2009

Derek Broughton wrote:
> Stephan Hermann wrote:
>> as for msdos labels (which is the default) you won't come over 2TB
>> (reading as disk vendor means: 1000bytes == 1KB and not 1024bytes ==
>> 1KByte)
> You should know that this isn't unclear.  1024 Bytes is a KiB, not a KB.
> 2TB is 2*10**12 bytes, 2TiB is 2 * 2**40 (I think :-) ) bytes.

This assumes you buy into the SI's naming scheme and can say things like
"kibibyte" and "tebibyte" without bursting into giggles or groaning in
despair :-)


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