Large files under ubuntu do not appear to work

Peteris Krisjanis pecisk at
Sun Mar 22 11:56:00 UTC 2009

>> scsi0 : 3ware 9000 Storage Controller
>> 3w-9xxx: scsi0: Found a 3ware 9000 Storage Controller at 0xd0140000, IRQ:
>> 16.
>> 3w-9xxx: scsi0: Firmware FE9X, BIOS BE9X, Ports:
>> 8.
>>  Vendor: 3ware     Model: Logical Disk 00   Rev: 1.00
>>  Type:   Direct-Access                      ANSI SCSI revision: 00

Well, I have identical problem with 3ware storage controller, and it
set caps something to 1.6 TB before I got the same output about very
big device. I resolved this problem with creating two raids with 1.2
TB each.

Obviously, it is a very interesting bug and would rock if someone would fix it.


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