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Fri Mar 20 09:40:25 UTC 2009

2009/3/19 Andrew Barbaccia <andrew.barbaccia at>

> We also have to consider what happens if we remove something like
> "gnome-terminal" which in case will remove "gnome-desktop" and then cause
> things to not get updated in the future...

That's true. Couple of suggestions there:

   1. Remote the whole removing process to Synaptic or add/remove so saying
   you want to remove something from the menu opens up synaptic and then
   selects the relevant package (with the relevant warnings, eg: "Ubuntu
   desktop will also be removed")
   2. Do the removing in-process but treat the user the same way as the
   Add/remove screen does. Ie if the package is a dependency of anything else,
   it can't be removed.
   3. A hybrid of the two. We try and remove the package "in-process" first,
   but if it has dependency ramifications, we show an error that lets them load
   up synaptic and select that package for removal (and show the problem)

As others have since said, a few context options might be wise:

   - Run or Open
   - Hide
   - Remove "package name"
   - Select "package name" in Synaptic (might be redundant depending on the
   behaviour of the last one)
   - Properties (to edit the shortcut details)

Right clicking a group (that holds items) would give you options to add a
sub-group, hide, remove, etc.

I've just had a look at the Mint implementation. Few things to point out
about it:

   - It's based on a different menu with a different ethos behind it so I
   don't think it's a case of just pulling it down.
   - It's far too easy to make a mistake if you have [recent] root
   - But it's pretty much what I've been thinking of while writing these
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