Replacing network-offline (old version 2xmonitor) with NM wlan 0% signal strength icon

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Olá Mackenzie e a todos.

On Tuesday 17 March 2009 21:26:05 Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> I thought he was saying that the OEMs agreed with you...

I'm sleepy and have bad memory, but AFAIR this all tread as been kept active because Design Team as one or more _closed source_ studies from OEMs that state that the old icon as bad UI, while most of us actually like it and understood it.
The current icon is way better then the one that lead me to email the list.... so thanks for listening to us, showing that asking us for feedback can and will make Ubuntu better, without the need for us to brining fire and rocks to the table.
Now we only have to expect that the Design Team (and other not so Community driven Canonical Task forces) talk to us, let us know their ideas, put them on a PPA and let us try them to get feedback. 
We have seen the Artwork Team do this in the past and AFAIR it worked out pretty well, dont you?

As promised, I again asked today, the new batch of students of my FOSS class, while showing off Ubuntu (GNOME) 8.10, what they though about the update-notifier icon, and the NM icon.
As expected (by me and many others here) pretty much all of them stated that to see an *red* icon popup on the tray would lead them to either hover the mouse over to see a balloon or click on it. A popunder was heavily discourage by the more advanced users too.
Since all of them came from Windows, the NM icon was a well known icon, but gave them extra options. The only thing they always request me to show them is to explain how to get VPN working (mandatory on our University). It has a been a *long* standing bug to include NM-PPTP on the default Desktop install (but size restrains, not many users using it, etc) as kept it back, but needing net to install a package to have network seems a bit ironic to me!
Also the new NM interface to set a VPN requires a few extra mouse clicks (after NM-pptp is installed), making it an even more hard to get concept.
Going OT, would any one go For or Against having NM vpn option auto launching some kind of VPN friendly UI to get the NM-pptp/openvpn/cvpn like we do for codecs?

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