Replacing network-offline (old version 2xmonitor) with NM wlan 0% signal strength icon

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Wed Mar 18 14:36:10 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 18 March 2009 10:12:04 am Andrew Barbaccia wrote:
> >
> > The VPN indicator lock is sufficient.  It does its job of notifying me when
> > vpnc
> > has disassociated just fine.  If only command line vpnc was so lovely.
> How does this work currently. I'm unaware as others on this list are too
> probably.

Well I haven't used it in GNOME since the recent icon changes, but assuming 
that wasn't a change...

It showed a yellow lock swooshing into place a few times as it was 
authenticating.  Once the tunnel was authenticated and up, the lock would sit 
there, on the right side of the connected icon (I've only done this with 
wireless, I assume it'd put the yellow lock on top of the wired connection 
icon as well).  If the VPN dropped, the yellow lock would go away, and you'd 
get a notification saying that the VPN was disconnected.

The command line client, on the other hand, dies silently.  Which is annoying.  
It might go to syslog, I don't know, but it doesn't attempt to send a dbus 
call or anything to bring up a notification.

Mackenzie Morgan
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