Replacing network-offline (old version 2xmonitor) with NM wlan 0% signal strength icon

Mat Tomaszewski mat.tomaszewski at
Tue Mar 17 09:51:33 UTC 2009

Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
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> Mat Tomaszewski wrote on 16/03/09 10:02:
>> Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
>> ...
>>> and it's not what OS X does.
>> OS X shows "0 signal" icon for both no signal and disconnected. Not
>> sure what I've missed?
>> ...
> Yes, but Bugabundo's original complaint was about when wireless is off
> completely: "The new icon is very deceiving, making me think I have my
> WiFi On, but with no signal."

Right, so the problem that we have lies somewhere else: N-M at the 
moment does not allow us to send a different icon for "wireless off, but 
card is present" (kill switch) case and "wireless on, but no connection 
established". Facing this problem, until we change the N-M behaviour, 
the best we can do is to display wireless off (empty bars with red X) 
for both cases. This is what we've decided upon here and until now no 
one proposed anything better.

> Mac OS X icon for wireless off:
> <>
> Mac OS X icon for wireless on but disconnected:
> <>.
> For Ubuntu it's a bit tricker, because we want to distinguish between
> (1) no connection with wireless off, (2) no connection with wireless on,
> (3) connected with wireless (at various signal strengths), and (4)
> connected with wired.
Exactly, but first we need N-M to allow us to send right icon for each 
of the above.


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