GTK+ 2.16 in Jaunty?

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at
Sun Mar 15 22:21:02 UTC 2009

Sorry, this sort of question gets asked all the time but at least it's a
change from the "will you package Firefox 4 Alpha?" type :P

So, GTK+ 2.16 was just released and there's already an app I can't
compile: Epiphany 2.27!
Bit of a shame when I'm running Jaunty.

The release adds some new features, including a warning on the password
field when the user presses caps lock, an improved file chooser and the
ability to add icons to text entries. (Other really good things, too,
but I shouldn't restate the release notes). Polish, basically, and lots
of it.

With those features, I get the strong suspicion that lots of apps will
quickly come to depend on 2.16.

Is it possible this will hit Jaunty by any means, or should I start
installing from source?

Dylan McCall
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