aufs based upgrade tests

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Olá Michael e a todos.

On Friday 13 March 2009 18:19:28 Michael Vogt wrote:
> during the last UDS we talked informally about using the "aufs"
> overlay filesystem layer for release upgrade testing. I build a
> prototype implementation of this now that should be ok for public
> testing. 
> The idea discussed with Evan Dandrea (and others) was to create a
> writable overlay into /tmp on top the systemdirs in "/" and then run
> the release upgrade. This way we can test easily if the system would
> upgrade cleanly (if no dpkg errors/maintainer script failures
> happen). All writes go into /tmp so after the upgrade and on the next
> reboot the system is back to its pre-upgraded state again (modulo
> /home, that is not overlayed). It also means the next boot takes a
> *long* time to clean /tmp - when I did test it on one of my production
> machines that wait made me *really* nervous :) But its ok, it just takes
> long (up to ~20 minutes or so).
> Feedback is welcome

This idea seems like a really nice idea, and one that in some other form is requested by users/testers.
I would like to add to points:
* if all tests go OK, and we end up with this on koala (to late for FFe on jaunty, right?), a checkbox when using update-manager -d / cli question on do-release-upgrade to use Sandbox would be much nicer then running all that code.
* to save the system state prior to upgrade, so that a user can restore the system if even after successful package upgrade, some application/kernel/driver upgrade doesnt go as good.

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