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On Fri, Mar 6, 2009 at 11:29 AM, Mat Tomaszewski
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> I've got my part in the decision to remove the icons from the fusa
> applet and I can see why it is controversial. I think part of that comes
> from the fact that almost all other menus use icons, and there seems to
> be lack of consistency.
> We're in the process of reviewing each decision that was taken and
> building future plans based on that. The developer community feedback in
> this process is (as always) essential.

On that basis I'll add my voice to the list of those who think icons
should be added to this menu. I personally think that the consistency
issue is significant - it looks unprofessional for a desktop to
contain menus which are displayed in different ways, and the FUSA
applet is basically indistinguishable from a menu as far as I'm
concerned. I also think, in line with some other comments on the
thread, that a menu with icons would be faster to use.

Indeed, it's already inconsistent and counterintuitive for the applet
to be in a different place to the other menus. Users will go to the
left hand side of the top panel when they want to perform an action
like opening a program, consulting help or changing a preference, so
it's slightly odd to expect them to go to the right hand side to log
out or shutdown, when the right hand side is otherwise only used for
icons which display information and status (the time and date, network
connectivity, battery status etc). This arises out of mixing concepts
of status (e.g. IM status) with actions such as shutdown and logout in
a single applet.

Matthew East
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