Old SYS/ISO/PXELINUX in Ubuntu...

Fredrik Jonsson fredrik.jonsson at asci.se
Wed Mar 11 10:27:27 UTC 2009

Hello! :)

I noticed that the syslinux package in Ubuntu is quite "old". I work much with deployments and
I have noticed that many of my clients are manually downloading the SYSLINUX package from the upstream project
to replace the binaries provided by the syslinux packages in Ubuntu due to the fact that some menu systems and such requires
newer versions of SYS/ISO/PXELINUX. I think that it's really sad that people right now don't trust the SYSLINUX package in Ubuntu
because of compability issues. Could you guys please consider to upgrade the SYSLINUX package and the binaries that are included to the current version?

Thank you!

// Fredrik "DXter" Jonsson
IT-Consultant / Ubuntu Server Team Member
ASCI Sweden AB
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