Replacing network-offline (old version 2xmonitor) with NM wlan 0% signal strength icon

Mat Tomaszewski mat.tomaszewski at
Sat Mar 7 11:17:32 UTC 2009

Nicolò Chieffo wrote:
> I totally agree that it's confusing
Is it confusing just because it's different to what you've been used to?
I know it's not a justification, but OSX have been using exactly the 
same metaphor for many years now and it seems to be working out very well.

There was a significant problem with the old icon (2 monitors), it was 
*totally* mysterious (what 2 monitors have to do with network 
connection?) and we had many complaints.
There were couple of other reasons for trying out this new solution:

1. The *only* way to connect to a wireless network (which is the essence 
of connectivity these days) is by clicking on the network icon. 
Therefore it should be something that users would associate with 
wireless networking.
2. Having 0 signal = not connected may not be true from technical 
perspective, but it is true from practical perspective. You have no 
signal, therefore you won't be able to browse the web. Click on the icon 
to do something about it (check what's going on, connect to a different 
network, etc).

I appreciate critical voices, but please be constructive. One thing I'm 
sure of is that we will not bring back the old icon. :)
Any suggestions as to how to improve the current situation are more than 

Many thanks,

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