Peteris Krisjanis pecisk at
Fri Mar 6 11:16:54 UTC 2009

2009/3/6 Nicolò Chieffo <nicolo.chieffo at>:
> quote from the blog:
> "A couple of people have said that the menu looks “sparse” or “bare”
> but I think it sets the right direction and we’ll be continuing with
> this approach as we touch other parts of the system."
> OMG: he wants to remove icons from everywere!!!!

Don't use OMG and !!! on any devel list, it looks just like it sounds
- childish :)

Well, not everywhere. It is all about balance - if I understood it
right - and I think they don't have special vendetta against icons :).
For now, there are overuse of icons in some places in Ubuntu, yes. But
I agree they made wrong decision with FUSA.

Ok, back to work,

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