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Fri Mar 6 11:10:52 UTC 2009

Ohhh boy, third post in a row, should be in spammer blacklist soon... :)

Anyway, I found exact argument Mark made about removal of icons:
"We decided not to put icons into the menu for each of the different
statuses. Our design ethic is to aim for cleaner, less cluttered
layouts with fewer icons and better choice of text. A couple of people
have said that the menu looks “sparse” or “bare” but I think it sets
the right direction and we’ll be continuing with this approach as we
touch other parts of the system."

I think there is a problem. Yes, such attitude is favorable and
welcome in a places where important decisions are done and clean,
understandable text is much more important than icons. However, people
restart/hibernate/logout/shutdown their computers much more frequently
and it is very common action (and let's not talk about laptop/netbook
ballpark here). In result, it is very welcome to *have* visual
guidelines. It helps for small screens, it helps when you are in
hurry, etc.

As far as I understood, code wise it is very easy to return icons. So
maybe some of Canonical guys can land here and discuss whole thing.


2009/3/6 Peteris Krisjanis <pecisk at>:
> By the way, there is Mark's blog entry about this as reference on why
> such decision was made:
> Cheers,
> Peter.
> 2009/3/6 Peteris Krisjanis <pecisk at>:
>> There are two bug reports for this:
>> 1) For removing icons in Intrepid beta cycle
>> 2) For overal usability of FUSA in Jaunty
>> I suggest to use second bug report, as it has more futher aims.
>> Cheers,
>> Peter.
>> 2009/3/6 Nicolò Chieffo <nicolo.chieffo at>:
>>> No the icons were removed. Initially there were icons, but mark (or
>>> someone else) decided to remove them

mortigi tempo
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