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Chris Cheney wrote on 28/02/09 21:08:
> On Sat, 2009-02-28 at 12:38 +0100, Markus Hitter wrote:
>> I can understand this is difficult to get swallowed. For 40 (or more)  
>> years now, the rule was 1 pixel = 1 dot on the screen. A picture,  
>> 100px x 100px in size used to use exactly 100 x 100 dots on screen.  
>> Now, this is no longer true.
> However, it seems you have gotten several things confused.
> Px means pixel which is a picture element and is an abomination that it
> was ever allowed into the HTML specification at all. 1 pixel definitely
> means 1 picture element (dot) on the screen. That is where the word
> pixel comes from. Redefining pixel to mean something else instead of
> just using Pt properly would be crazy.

Actually, Markus is quite correct. For Web development, "100px" has not
meant "100 pixels" since CSS1 in 1996. Rather, it means "100 × (0.0227
degrees, at a typical viewing distance, rounded to the nearest pixel)".
This conveniently equates to 1 pixel on a 90 dpi display viewed at a
distance of 28 inches. But if either the viewing distance or the DPI is
much different, the calculation changes.

> Also where is a 100x100 image not displayed as such?

Whenever it is displayed on a medium that has more than about 145 dpi.
For example, when it is printed on a 300 dpi printer.

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