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Sun Mar 1 16:29:28 UTC 2009

Olá Chris e a todos.

On Friday 27 February 2009 17:27:22 Chris Cheney wrote:
> > Hi have a 13" at 1280x800 (DPI 112 according to xorg log) and I have to increase mine, but I dont see as good as I used to.
> It seems strange that you needed to increase the font size when your DPI
> setting increased. Just changing the DPI from 96 to 112 should have made
> your font increase ~ 17% in pixels for the same given font size.
> eg:
> 12/72 *  96 = 16.0 px
> 12/72 * 112 = 18.7 px

no no... after i got HUGE fonts, i reset the DPI to 96 (looked better) and then on certain apps, i just increase the font size (like kmail or firefox).
Guess i'll have to reset my font size and just try to increase the DPI to a nice value.

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