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> I've mentioned this before, but i think this would be an incredible
> addition to GNOME 3.0
> Demo:
> LP:
> GTK feature request:
> Python script:
> What do you guys think?

Pretty nice. I don't like the part where it shows the scroll position
indicator and the scroll controls at the same time.  Seems a bit awkward.  I
do absolutely hate running my mouse all the way across the screen just to
find a little box to hit which scrolls at the rate that the little box
decides.  Your method seems like it would have better control for the
scrolling and easier to use.

Maybe instead of the popup method, try something a little different.
1) When the mouse clicks and releases in the scroll box area, normal
behavior happens.
2) When the mouse clicks, but does not release (as in for dragging) advanced
behavior begins.
2a) The mouse disappears, and the indicators you created appear, but they
appear in the location of the scroll position indicator.
2b) Dragging the mouse up scrolls up and dragging the mouse down scrolls
2c) When the mouse is released, the normal scroll position indicator
reappears, and the mouse returns to normal function.
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