Improve LiveCD localisation (Was: Remove F-Spot from the LiveCD)

tacone tacone at
Sat Jun 27 22:37:36 UTC 2009

> I think that Ubuntu should try to include as many complete
> translations as possible on the LiveCD. If a CD isn't big enough,
> maybe we should consider making a LiveDVD and keeping a smaller LiveCD
> for the computers that can't read DVDs.

I really think the best thing to do would be to offer a download
option for localized CDs.
That way an english+selected-language cd can be shipped without
sacrificing LiveCD applications.

That would require more space on mirrors and Ubuntu servers but could be worth.
The download page may even sniff the browser language/IP location and
offer an easily selectable link to the right localized ISO.

I don't think it's possible to ship every conceivable language on just
1 CD nor advisable. Nor I think people would be that happy to download
a (guessing a random size) 1.2gb ISO full of localizations they don't

Also, a better effort ot make easier timezone/keyboard selection based
on a IP location guess in ubiquity could be done (and, by the way, if
you select the paris timezone making the french keyboard layout the
first on the list would help a lot)


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