Empathy is not in line with the much discussed guidelines

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Tue Jun 23 18:11:25 UTC 2009

On mar, 2009-06-23 at 19:13 +0200, Nicolò Chieffo wrote:

> as I was saying 2.27.3 is already old.
> You need to be synchronized to a current git version of empathy,
> weather it is self compiled or from an external PPA.
ah, ok so I will not test the PPA :) Didn't check the version number.

> Anyway most problems are not in empathy, but somewhere in telepathy
> protocol managers (for instance the current ubuntu version of
> telepathy-butterfly does not work) 

Also for this reason a ppa would be very comfortable.


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