Empathy is not in line with the much discussed guidelines

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Tue Jun 23 15:30:34 UTC 2009

[CC-ing ayatana, if this is wrong just tell me]

Today I tried empathy on my karmic testing system. Here are the scores.
The last part IS VERY IMPORTANT please read it too. Don't thake my
comments as angry, I'm just in a hurry. 

+1  The first time I launch it, it offers me to import accounts from
pidgin. Very good

-1  It crashes immediately later

 0  I restart it and it does not crash, so that I can't report it

-1  It does not allow me to open any kind of chat, it says something
related to EMPATHY_IS_CONTACT(contact) failed

+1  I close it, reopen, and it starts working. This should be 0, as it
is already supposed to work, but I want to be nice on it.

-1  I receive a notification that the IRC bot has recognised me. Please
find a way to avoid this! Pidgin has a couple of plugins to handle the
"rough corners of IRC" and at least identification MUST be done properly
(it should not need any plugin in principle).


-1  It flashes the notification area. THIS IS FORBIDDEN. Update notifier
can not do that. Why should empathy do that? This must be fixed.

-1  It does NOT OPEN A POPUP on new messages. When the infamous
update-notifier popup was decided, it was argued that pidgin already did
that. I am a pop-up hater and the IM client is the only exception. In
fact, for IM a pop-up may be desired. This is because if I start the IM
client chances are I *want* to be disturbed and if a contact calls me I
*want* to interact immediately. So ehm, I know it should not come from
me but can we have the popup back?

The last 2 behaviours SHOULD BE opt-in for those who love them, of



it can do better with very little effort :) Now testing it properly and
will report bugs.


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