Remove F-Spot from the LiveCD

Alan Pope alan at
Mon Jun 22 13:04:40 UTC 2009

Hi Sense,

2009/6/22 Sense Hofstede <sense at>:
> 2) I mentioned removing Mono from the LiveCD because when F-Spot is
> gone, just one Mono application remains on the LiveCD: Tomboy. Tomboy
> is something that's definitely worth including on the LiveCD. However,
> this single program does require a whole language interpreter to be
> included on the LiveCD. This is more something for the ongoing
> discussion about replacing Tomboy with Gnote elsewhere on this list.

There is a spec to replace Rhythmbox with Banshee in this cycle. This
would mean Tomboy is not the only mono-based application left on the

> In one sentence: I think F-Spot should be removed from the LiveCD
> because it's useless on the CD and takes up space that could be used
> much better.

It's not useless at all. I have used a live CD with F-Spot before now
to demo that application to a user. This is one of the primary use
cases of the Live CD - demonstration of the capability of Ubuntu.

In this particular session I had a digital camera containing some
photos, which I used F-Spot on the Live CD to download. I then made a
minor change to one of the pictures (red eye removal) and uploaded the
picture to an online gallery.


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