Replace PulseAudio with OSS v4?

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Sun Jun 21 17:43:51 UTC 2009

On Sun, Jun 21, 2009 at 12:06 AM, Daniel Chen <seven.steps at> wrote:

> Difficult to accomplish when the hardware is faulty, which is far more
> common on older Creative cards than one might think
Oddly enough, pre-PA, I've never seen any kind of lockup on the SBLive. And
reducing PA to use just one device (USB headphones, onboard, or SBLive)
caused the problem to go away. But I'm not into splitting hairs -- just
pointing out that my experience with Pulse has been quite underwhelming so

> A noble objective. Now who's with me?

Gladly I am. Anything assistance I can render would come with nothing but
good intentions. Like I posted above: I'm not so much anti-PA as I am
anti-suck. Just make sound work nicely, and I'm all for it. And I feel I
must point out that the latency issue, whilst more pressing for audio
professionals, also steps into the user's realm when a game's audio doesn't
align with the graphics on-screen. Someone playing a game, whilst not
requiring sub 5ms latency, would probably appreciate sub-50ms latency.

At this point, I must also admit that I am a (cross-platform) c++ programmer
(though I have about 7 other languages in the toolbelt) -- I might even be
able to contribute, if I can work the time in. So, point me at a good place
to start, and perhaps I can be more help than just a lazy biscuit next to
the hard-working tea.

> -Dan
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