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Danny Piccirillo wrote on 17/06/09 21:13:
> What would Midori need to replace Firefox? It has plugin support, so
> let's forget about the number of actual plugins (similar to Empathy
> vs Pidgin, it would be unreasonable to expect that gap to close before
> we make a change), since the major ones seem to have been ported. What
> does Firefox have that Midori doesn't which keeps it from being the
> default browser in Ubuntu?

My personal opinion only:
1.  An obvious and/or well-marketed name.
2.  An obvious and/or well-marketed name. (Seriously.)
3.  An icon that features a blue globe.
4.  Integrated search that is easy to find and actually works.
5.  A toolbar that is compact and attractive by default.
6.  A bookmarks interface that is understandable by default.
7.  An English translation. (Midori uses the non-existent words
    "Tabbar", "Navigationbar", and "Userstyles", among others.)
8.  Well-presented graphs showing how much faster it is than Firefox.
9.  A private browsing mode that actually works.
10. Print preview.
11~20. Equivalents, either built in or as easily-installable extensions,
    to the ten most popular Firefox extensions.

It is possible that some of these items have been addressed since the
version of Midori available in Ubuntu 9.04. But at the same time, the
list of requirements to displace Firefox 3.5 would naturally be steeper
than the list of requirements to replace Firefox 3.0.

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