about empathy as the default IM application

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at di.unipi.it
Wed Jun 17 18:30:20 UTC 2009

Il giorno mer, 17/06/2009 alle 13.16 -0400, Mackenzie Morgan ha scritto:
> Nevermind the fact that Empathy replacing Pidgin eventually was
> discussed at 
> UDS *Jaunty* 6 months ago with a "let's aim for Jaunty+1" outcome and
> then re-
> discussed at UDS Karmic.  There's been 6 months to get input.

Testing requests must be more advertised perhaps. However we still have
3+ months to give further input. I just hope that serious regressions
will be fixed if any. E.g. OTR comes to mind. A ubuntu live cd can be
used for secure communication. If you just plan to drop the thing there
and wait, then people will complain.

I personally would prefer empathy over pidgin as it supports audio (does
it work well? As good as skype, which is bad in everything else?).


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