about empathy as the default IM application

Peteris Krisjanis pecisk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 11:01:19 UTC 2009

What I meant that Empathy, maybe not complete now, but it is the way
to go, it fits more in scheme of things for Ubuntu and GNOME. So it
felt to me that some of arguments presented in this thread were more
about keeping Pidgin, not about problems of Empathy which sure must be
addressed before final release of Karmic.

I didn't addressed your particular post, though, just 'feeling' of this thread.


2009/6/17 Andrew Sayers <andrew-ubuntu-devel at pileofstuff.org>:
> Peteris Krisjanis wrote:
>> I think it is quite clear that so called 'regressions' about Empathy
>> is more like 'We are so used to Pidgin, let it be there'. Yes, there
>> are bugs and they should be fixed. And I am quite sure they will be.
> If you're saying that the complaint is about a specific bug in Empathy,
> or about the interests of current Ubuntu users such as myself, or about
> nobody ever learning a new interface, then I'm not explaining myself
> properly.
> Could you point to exactly what I said that gave that impression?  I'd
> be glad to clarify anything that came across wrongly.
>        - Andrew
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