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Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 16 22:39:12 UTC 2009

The discussion so far has been people arguing about why they prefer Empathy
or Pidgin, but at UDS it was already decided that Empathy would ship with
Karmic. I humbly request that we all stop bickering about any problems we
may currently have with it, and start testing it and filing bug reports so
that it will ready for Karmic. 14 pages of discussion about the current
state of things does nothing. [below is the forwarded message about the
upcoming Empathy Hug Day, June 18th]

The concensus is that Empathy, by using the Telepathy framework and
integrating with the GNOME desktop, is superior to Pidgin and should be
included with Ubuntu by default eventually. Almost everyone who opposes it
does so on the grounds that some bugs make it premature for such a thing to
happen in Karmic, but since Karmic already has so many other major changes
planned anyways and Karmic +1 will be an LTS, the decision has already been
made for us. So let's make the best of it!

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From: Pedro Villavicencio Garrido <pedro at ubuntu.com>
Date: Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 08:39
Subject: Announcing the Next Ubuntu Hug Day! - Thursday 18th June, 2009.
To: ubuntu-bugsquad at lists.ubuntu.com, ubuntu-devel-announce at lists.ubuntu.com

Fellow Ubuntu Triagers!

This week's HugDay target is *drum roll please*... Empathy!!
 * 26 New bugs need a hug
 * 5 Incomplete bugs need a status check
 * 9 Confirmed bugs need a review
 * 1 Bug with patch to be checked.
 * 4 Reports to be send upstream.

Bookmark it, add it to your calendars, turn over those egg-timers!
 * Thursday 18th June 2009
 * https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20090618

Can't stress it enough: everyone can help!

Have some time? Triage boogz! I won't be upset if you get a headstart~ ;)
Have a blog? Blog about Hugday!
Have some screen space? Open #ubuntu-bugs and keep an eye out for
newcomers in need.
Have minions? Teach THEM to triage for you! :)

Wanna be famous? Is easy! remember to use 5-A-day so if you do a good
work your name could be listed at the top 5-A-Day Contributors in the
Ubuntu Hall of Fame page!

Make a difference; we will be in #ubuntu-bugs (FreeNode) all day and
night, and will be ready to answer your questions about how to help.

If you're new to all this, head to

Have a nice day,
[From the BugSquad]

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On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 17:33, Mackenzie Morgan <macoafi at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tuesday 16 June 2009 5:25:12 pm Andrew Sayers wrote:
> > I'm not usually one to stand in the way of progress, but it seems like
> > there are grave issues here for people migrating from other OSes.
> >
> > Migration to Linux from another OS is best done in two stages: first you
> > keep your old OS and switch to cross-platform apps, then you switch your
> > OS and keep your apps.  Platform-specific defaults break the two-stage
> > model, requiring users to learn a new app at the same time they're
> > learning a new OS.
> I don't actually know anybody that used OOo on Windows before they used it
> on
> Linux.  Firefox, yeah...well, really, I used Mozilla (and "where's
> Mozilla?"
> was my mom's first question), but anyway...
> How difficult is it to switch IM clients?  From what I've seen, they all
> have a
> window that lists who's online.  You double click somebody in the list and
> a
> window opens.  The conversation goes in the top half.  You type in the
> bottom
> half and hit enter to send.  OK, fine, not all...I guess you don't
> double-click
> when you use finch or naim since they're terminal based... But of the GUI
> ones?
> It's all the same.
> I'd rather explore the problem you demonstrate:
> Why do people learn to use a specific application instead of just learning
> how
> to look at menus and make decisions based on what they want to do?  I
> suspect
> some of the onus is on the teachers who only teach memorized step-by-step
> junk
> instead of telling students "figure out how to..." and leaving it at that.
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> Mackenzie Morgan
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