about empathy as the default IM application

Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at ubuntu.com
Mon Jun 15 21:36:42 UTC 2009

Ah, yes-- this discussion will keep coming up until it finally happens =]

IMHO Empathy is *great* for most users, especially new ones, and it can
replace poth pidgin AND ekiga. It lacks the basic features like the ones you
mentioned, but i don't think they are showstoppers and including it in
Karmic or the next release i'm sure would guarantee that all of those would
be resolved within the release cycle. It is simple and integrates well, and
we want to make Ubuntu friendly for NEW users. Old users who prefer the
clutter and feature madness of pidgin will simply install it from Add/Remove
(or not even have to if they run an upgrade). If Ubuntu switched to Empathy,
it's development is going to get a big boost so the feature gap will close
and eventaully reverse. Are people really defending Pidgin for the future of
Ubuntu or as their pet IM client?

On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 15:35, Nicolò Chieffo <nicolo.chieffo at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello everyone, I'm really interested in the new version of empathy
> which will have video and audio support.
> This will be a really great feature and a step towards a complete IM
> experience.
> But on the other hand I'm quite worried of the empathy and telepathy
> status about basic features, which seem to be put aside in favor of
> new and strange ones.
> Maybe developers should help to implement them before empathy will
> replace pidgin, or lots of users will loose useful stuff like:
>   * Rich text messages (underline, bold, font, ...)
>   * Custom emoticons
>   * Protocol emoticons
>   * Msn chat with invisible users
>   * Msn send and receive offline messages
>   * Msn see windows live messenger buddy icons (only new versions of 2009)
>   * Msn file transfers
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