Massive sync and rebuild of packages? The case of OCaml

David MENTRE dmentre at
Fri Jun 12 16:14:03 UTC 2009

Hello James,

On Fri, Jun 12, 2009 at 16:55, James Westby<jw+debian at> wrote:
>>  * Is Ubuntu infrastructure is providing capabilities for doing such
>> massive rebuild of packages, in several rounds?
> Yes, it's called "Ubuntu developers".

:-) "I don't want to be an Ubuntu developer!" :-D

More seriously, until now, all the hard work is done in Debian by
Debian developers (of whom I'm not) and the only need is to
synchronize & rebuild the packages with the right timing. If I need to
be an Ubuntu developer to do that, I'll look at it seriously.

> We have no system that allows us to do this without an upload for each
> package, but when it is just a rebuild then it's painful, but not
> impossible.

Ok. Not great but at least it can be done.

>>  * Is it possible to import on demand a set of source packages that
>> would need a source upload?
> What do you mean by "import on demand"?

I mean import a set of source packages from Debian Sid to Karmic that
are known to have been changed and are needed for the transition from
3.11.0 to 3.11.1. This import should be done at a certain date, i.e.
after the corresponding change is made in Debian.

>>  * The Debian Import Freeze is set to the 25th of June and the Partner
>> Upload Deadline is set to the 13th of August. So the window is quite
>> short. The transition should be initiated in Debian before migrating
>> into Ubuntu.  Do you think it is wise to make such a transition right
>> now or it would be better to wait until Karmic+1?
> I'm not sure why you picked those deadlines out. Earlier is better, but
> I don't think it has to be before those particular deadlines.

I picked up those dates from my own reading and understanding of the
wiki and messages of this list. I'm glad to hear that I have a little
more margin.

Many thanks for your answers,

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