shameful censoring of mono opposition

omgwtf chillout omgwtfchillout at
Thu Jun 11 22:41:16 UTC 2009

Taking Luke L's advice here and not using my real name on the internet
anymore due to this insanity.

I've submitted this thread to Reddit this morning:

I'm hoping this will wake some people up to make them realize that fighting
over whether Mono should or should not be included in the default install of
Ubuntu has gotten way out of hand and it's about time that the insanity of
certain individuals comes to an end.

To the people who dislike Mono so much, perhaps Ubuntu isn't the right
distro for you or perhaps you need to get involved with the development. I
don't know, but clearly some of you have thrown rational debate right out
the window.

You guys need to chill out. Big time.


OMG WTF, chillout!

PS David, I'm relieved you have such a cool boss and I hope you can enjoy
the rest of your sabbatical.
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