shameful censoring of mono opposition

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Wed Jun 10 09:36:09 UTC 2009

Vincenzo Ciancia wrote
>> no wonder you got reported to your boss, david. you are not very
>> resptful of your users and customers.
> You all are going completely crazy. Reporting to bosses?? Do you think
> it is RIGHT to risk to ruin a career and a life because of a discussion
> on the web? 

Yes, that's clearly _exactly_ what Mark and Paige think.

> If so either please commit suicide or seek for medical
> assistance, or just rethink. Not only you, everyone who thinks it's ok
> to send an e-mail to the boss of somebody else to inform him/her
> about... a flamewar involving an employee.
> You can spread the voice against mono as much as you want but switching
> to persecution of other persons life is sick and should be treated. I
> *know* that I am at risk of being reported to my bosses now. But as they
> are very good scientists I have no doubt that they will be able to tell
> what's going on here.

You're quite right, Vincenzo: that sort of behavior starts at "totally uncalled for" and only goes rapidly downhill from there. Some people feel that their point of view so completely overrides any other considerations that they completely lose any sense of perspective they might have ever possessed. At that point, they can justify any sort of negative, bad, _evil_ behavior to themselves. They'll try to get you fired, they'll kill your cat, they'll burn down your house, because their viewpoint is more important than _you_ are.

And friends, I'm here to tell you, that's just _crazy_.

Happily, my management, too, is more than smart enough to recognize a lunatic troll when they see one, and to take messages from such folks without any degree of seriousness whatsoever. Just as they should.
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