shameful censoring of mono opposition

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Tue Jun 9 23:58:19 UTC 2009

Mark Fink continues to scribble:
> luckily only stupid people who can't think for themselves fawn over
> MONO...some of the forum moderators are novell employees (or people
> who drink they're koolaid)...

Wasn't it you who was complaining not long ago about "personal attacks"...? I'll refrain from pointing out the general illiteracy of your message, but it's doubtless apparent to anyone for whom English isn't a second language as well as many for whom it is.

Maybe you should go start an "I HATE MONO!!!" mailing list, Mark, where you can dispense your bile without fear of having anyone point out that you're doing nothing to add light here, only heat.

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