shameful censoring of mono opposition

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Tue Jun 9 17:23:54 UTC 2009

Il giorno mar, 09/06/2009 alle 12.14 -0400, Christopher Olah ha scritto:
> It appears to me that the most important point has been forgotten: the
> accusations of censorship. This, if true, is very alarming...
> We can bicker over Mono all we like, but if people are being censored,
> like the OP suggests, something is _very_ wrong.

Ubuntu is a centralised entity. No external person can control e.g. why
we have a custom search in the home page of firefox by default. People
who can't tell the difference will keep using a "different" google, but
there is not even way to get some discussion around this (I tried in the

So if us really feel that this is risky (like it's risky for all
centralised organisations, including e.g. google and it's services) then
the only alternative is to develop a decentralised linux distribution.

If it was easy I'd already have done that :) Otherwise we have to stick
with the anyways good level of trust that we have on the ubuntu entity.


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