shameful censoring of mono opposition

David Schlesinger David.Schlesinger at
Mon Jun 8 21:52:00 UTC 2009

> Oh, so now Ubuntu also comes with Windows Media, H.264 and DivX? You
> can find those in the repositories as well. Maybe we should call
> MPEG-LA that there is big patent infringement going on here...

You can't find them in the universal repository, and some great lengths are gone to in order to ensure you know what you're doing before you can install them.

> Of course not. The repositories are not part of the default install,
> and should not be treated as such.

As Derek pointed out, Wine is indeed in the universal repository. You were completely mistaken about it, rendering your argument meaningless. The appropriate response at that point is to say, "I was wrong", not to try to switch to a completely different argument in mid-stream. Nobody's come within a parsec of suggesting that the codecs you mention should be part of the default install.
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