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Hi Jan, et al,

Re: Use of /usr/share

- Is there a registry for names under /usr/share?
  I would prefer having a known space that does
  not conflict with others. (e.g. /usr/share/fwslc).

- Is it "ok" to have symlinks in the local instance
  directory structure to said /usr/share area.
  NOTE:  All usage is "read-only".

- For an instance, there is a collection of "prototype"
  configuration files. Is it "ok" to store these under
  the /usr/share area, and copy them to the local
  instance directory (thereby maintaining the "read-
  only" nature of the items under /usr/share)?


  I have a collection of scripts that have a version
  id associated with it.

  I allow updating infrastructure by simply changing
  a symlink from one version of the infrastructure to

  What I want to do is have all database instances
  sharing the version of the scripts that is selected
  for that instance.

  That is, your db instance could be using a different
  version of the infrastructure scripts than I am, but
  there is only one copy of the scripts for any version.

  If there are "overrides" to a script (local mods), then
  selection of that modified script is handled by PATH


On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 7:28 PM, Jan Claeys<lists at> wrote:
> Op vrijdag 05-06-2009 om 06:13 uur [tijdzone -0600], schreef LD 'Gus'
> Landis:
>>   So, I would think that a good way to "package" Cache
>>   would be to have it stored somewhere (under /usr/share??),
> /usr/share is for platform-independent files, which I doubt is true for
> Caché?  (Some years ago I followed an unrelated course where a Caché
> manager was a teacher, so I know at least a bit about what it is ;) )
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> Jan Claeys
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