shameful censoring of mono opposition

Mark Fink mpfink at
Mon Jun 8 11:54:19 UTC 2009

as benfrank said yesterday on boycottnovell:

"The solution seems obvious and easy: don’t make Mono or Mono apps
part of the default install. Leave them in the repos for the users who
want them. Easy as falling over. Not wanting to even discuss such a
simple solution makes it credible that Ubuntu is being corrupted by
Mono fans. IMono is controversial, and who needs the bloated Mono
runtime just to run a few marginal apps? The importance of Mono to
Ubuntu is greatly overblown by a small but very determined minority."

MONO /is/ controversial, so why are you guys even shipping it? it's
only because MONO people have poisoned your minds and infiltrated
ubuntu to get power to enforce their will.

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 10:58 PM, Mackenzie Morgan<macoafi at> wrote:
> On Sunday 07 June 2009 7:48:45 pm Mark Fink wrote:
>> this is what the MONO developers want you to believe, but no one
>> really wants MONO. users still using MONO only do so because they've
>> been tricked by miquel & co who worship m$ and will do anything to
>> help them destroy linux.
> Hi :) Mono-based application user here.  Guess why I use Mono-based apps?
> It's not the reason you gave.  It's because there happen to exist some very
> good Mono-based applications.  In the case of Tomboy v. Gnote...well, my
> experience dealing with the developers of the two applications along with the
> existence of a LaTeX plugin for the Mono one keeps me using Tomboy.  F-Spot?
> Well, the only thing close is iPhoto, and last I tried iPhoto, F-Spot was more
> featureful.
> Now, I'm all for the effort to write better applications in other languages--
> really, better applications in any language.  Diversity is good!  Competition
> is good!  Unfortunately, I don't really see anyone stepping up to the plate
> with a photo manager that can compete with F-Spot.  And Gnote doesn't really
> compete with Tomboy--emulation (that misses out on many of the features) isn't
> exactly innovation.  BasKet and Zim though, I've heard they're very good.
> BasKet is for KDE though, and Zim, while very featureful, is also harder to
> navigate and asks some rather daunting questions in its Preferences (for
> example, full path to preferred text editor)--a fine tool for hackers, but not
> something I'd tell my brother to use for taking notes in class.
> Simply: what works well?  At the moment, there are a handful of Mono
> applications which are the "Best of Breed" in their respective categories.  If
> you've got some applications up your sleeve that can seriously compete with--
> and beat!--any of the applications in the default Ubuntu install on technical
> grounds such as number and quality of useful features and the software's
> usability, I'd like to see them.
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Only by destroying MONO can Linux be saved.

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