shameful censoring of mono opposition

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Good Morning,

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Mark Fink <mpfink at> wrote:

> [...removed totally annoying article...]

As I'm not a MONO Fanboy myself...and sometimes boycott novell does
write good articles...but please...

Mono gives us a good way into the MS front...this could also be a point
of view.

And regarding Canonical...I wonder if Mark or Jane hired a lot of MONO
people...I do think they have more python devs on their payrole then
other companies...

anyways...MONO is a technology and this technology belongs into Ubuntu
or any other linux distribution. It helps people get rid of Windows in
the first place.

We can argue about "MS doesn't give us any rights on using it patent
wise" (only to Novell) but this has really nothing to do with MONO...we
have so many sources in our distros, which do have patent issues...why
don't you scream about that? Oh, sorry, you want to watch videos, or
listen to your MP3s...damn I forgot.

So please, power up your brain first...



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