shameful censoring of mono opposition

Null Ack nullack at
Mon Jun 8 02:02:24 UTC 2009

I only have a passing interest in this, but its sufficient to ask this:

* What actually is the rationally logical problem with Mono being in Ubuntu?

What I see on that Boycott novell website is lots of fear mongering
and little hard truth.

1. Its only the windows compatability stuff like windows forms that
*could ever be considered a patent problem*. Mono isnt really complete
in this area anyway. .Net has open standards to it. The issue is the
parts that related to the windows platform specifically.

2. MS wants to defeat Java, and hence wants cross platform
interoperability. Isnt it good to have multiple cross platform
technologies, java competing against .Net and so on?

3. MS has not sued anyone for Mono related stuff and the suggestion
they will as if its a foregone conclusion is based on poorly
considered fears. How can MS expect to match Java if they trap the Mac
and Nix platforms with patent law suits for windows compatability

4. Not everywhere in the world recognises software patents. This
foregone conclusion that fear mongers are touting conveniently ignores
this fact.

5. I dont see WINE in court with MS, which, on the basis of ripping
off MS IP is undoubtedly more of an infringer than what MONO could
ever be considered to be.

I'm fully prepared to listen to well constructed rational arguments to
the contrary.

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