shameful censoring of mono opposition

Mark Fink mpfink at
Mon Jun 8 00:26:40 UTC 2009

you sound like a typical M$ appologist. do you sleep well at night?
hope they are paying you well.

On Sun, Jun 7, 2009 at 8:20 PM, Dylan McCall<dylanmccall at> wrote:
> I'm assuming that the fact Microsoft's Silverlight download page
> automatically links Linux users to Moonlight (quite tastefully!)
> suggests they have:
>     A. Started to have somewhat of an epiphany from within and are, in
>        some departments, actually serious about this whole
>        "cooperation" thing.
>     B. Accepted Moonlight as a viable piece of software that they are
>        ready and willing to recommend to end users without flinching.
>     C. Pretty brightly endorsed Moonlight, and by extension Mono. (Note
>        appropriate use of capital letters, by the way. It goes a long
>        way towards not sounding like a raving lunatic).
> Now, on that "cooperation" end of things, people need to come to terms
> with the fact that Microsoft is a really, really huge company. There are
> lots of human beings in that company, many of them quite intelligent,
> who want to make money and put food on their family's table and live
> comfortable lives. They are passionate about computer software, like we
> are. They are geeks, hackers, they like cool stuff, etc. The XBox
> division is quite lovable.
> Here's a hint why: Not all of Microsoft depends on Windows' domination,
> and Microsoft as a whole can wean itself off the domination instinct as
> well, even with Windows. It will take time, though, starting basically
> at the level of Western culture.
> Microsoft the mega corporation isn't going anywhere soon, so perhaps if
> you guys really give a damn about cooperation, freedom, openness and
> making the world a better place you should think of the fine folks at
> Microsoft (of which there are many) as colleagues who happen to have a
> somewhat flawed world view imposed on them from above. With this whole
> MS .Net and Silverlight thing, I get a strong sense of that spirit and
> it really does feel nice.
> Here's the scary part: The group that seems to be most welcoming here,
> most warm and honest is Microsoft. While they give us cool little
> redirects, members of the Linux "community" set up web sites like
> BoycottNovel and initiate witch-hunts against innocent, hard-working and
> valuable contributors like Miguel de Icaza and DirectHex while accusing
> Microsoft of evil acts every time someone who works for them gives us
> the simplest act as a smile.
> For the sake of analogy, let's go with the erroneous viewpoint that I am
> singly in charge of 95% of the operating system market and had been
> talked into opening up. (Doesn't matter how; I'm sure we've all been
> talked into doing good things against our own judgement). I have the
> choice of either opening up with my standards or looking outwards.
> Outside, I see some insane hoard of clucking pitchfork-jugglers who
> assassinate every character that isn't 100% pure. Rather than going out
> there and trying to talk with them, I think I would go with my own
> standards and hope that the flock outside disappears on its own. I
> wouldn't do this out of spite, I would do this out of basic survival
> instincts.
> (Something which I probably should have put into consideration before
> writing this message).
> I've been tempted to jump ship a few times lately and it has nothing to
> do with lawyers, legal agreements or brain-dead CEOs.
> Thanks,
> Dylan McCall
> PS: Please, please stop abusing Miguel. If it wasn't for him, we would
> be stuck in the dark ages. And I'm not talking about Mono.
> PPS: I know all about the patent agreement thing and am choosing to
> ignore it because lawyers and corporations do not trump people. And
> here's a reminder: We care about people.

Only by destroying MONO can Linux be saved.

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