shameful censoring of mono opposition

Christopher Olah at
Mon Jun 8 00:12:55 UTC 2009

> this is what the MONO developers want you to believe, but no one
> really wants MONO. users still using MONO only do so because they've
> been tricked by miquel & co who worship m$ and will do anything to
> help them destroy linux.
> this is all well documented at

So, your saying that theres not a single corporation that has ${Vital
Application} written in .net? I'm not saying that it was a good
choice, but that is the way it is and Ubuntu not supporting it makes
it difficult for them to leave MS.

>>> I see you are shooting the messenger, steve.
>> I might not be Steve, but I think you're over reacting...
> no, I'm not. this is very serious.

I agree that these are serious allegations. But the developers are not
the software. The fact that the developers are (allegedly) being
problematic is no reason to ask Canonical to throw away a piece of

> this is all well documented by the articles I linked to. please read
> them so that you can rectify this.

I just read the articles and I agree the accusations are serious.

The questions become:

   - How strong is the evidence for these accusations?
   - Who is in a position to rectify this?

I can't answer either.

I can comment that you would get a more positive response from those
reading your emails if you didn't open by attacking everyone. For

> I'm disgusted and you guys should be ashamed.
> I hope you get rid of MONO. only then can your reputations be restored.

Was not a good way to start. You are blaming everyone? How many people
reading your email do you think were involved with the status of Mono?

Have a good day,


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