shameful censoring of mono opposition

Martin Owens doctormo at
Sun Jun 7 23:33:25 UTC 2009

> MONO is a poor imitation of java, so why use MONO!?

Mark, while I'm no fan of Mono, I am a big fan of the Code of Conduct
and giving an issue the consideration it deserves. Your email, like many
of the boycott-novell give the wrong impression and have a sort of nutty

The only thing that manic posts do is push level headed people on the
other side to become less even handed. There are problems with Mono and
discussions should continue, but the posts should be rational and
thoughtful and most importantly respectful to the people involved. No
one in the community is being malicious or plotting some evil Microsoft
terrorism and no one deserves to be accused of such a thing.

Regards, Martin

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