shameful censoring of mono opposition

Steve Reilly sfreilly at
Sun Jun 7 23:12:09 UTC 2009

Mark Fink wrote:
> A short while ago, Roy Schestowitz wrote
> which
> has some disturbing evidence of MONO supporters actively censoring
> good honest and concerned people such as Neighborlee on the ubuntu
> forums and today I read some even MORE disturbing news in
> this is OUTRAGEOUS! And on top of that, Roy has noted that you guys
> are actively hiring MONO developers like the GNOME-DO developer!?!? No
> wonder your distro is so corrupt! What's next!?!?
> I never thought I'd live to see the day where canoical would side with
> the asshole trolls such as the MONO camp.
> I'm disgusted and you guys should be ashamed.
> I hope you get rid of MONO. only then can your reputations be restored.
> - a concerned ubuntu user
theres always going to be people believing theres some kind of
conspiracy going on, hence the boycott novell site.  im afraid your the
only one damaging your reputation by posting rubbish from that site here.


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