On apturls and repositories

Derek Broughton derek at pointerstop.ca
Sun Jun 7 13:50:29 UTC 2009

Vincenzo Ciancia wrote:

> Il giorno sab, 06/06/2009 alle 23.55 -0400, Martin Owens ha scritto:
>> Is it? I didn't think is was the port that defined the protocol but
>> the
>> nature of the messages sent over the connection. The port is a default
>> but not a requirement, like ssh or ftp.

For heaven's sake, I presented the evidence.  Split hairs if you must.  The 
simple fact is that many keyservers support requests on port 80, and 
keyserver.ubuntu.com doesn't for reasons that can make no technical sense.
> I think the point here is that the keyserver should handle requests on
> port 80, even though the OP incorrectly called them "HTTP requests".

No, I didn't "incorrectly" call them HTTP requests.  As Martin says, HKP 
_is_ using HTTP _protocol_, so I strongly feel it should be permitted on 
HTTP _ports_.

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