Ubuntu Desktop Unit Consistency (LP: #369525)

Christopher Chan christopher.chan at bradbury.edu.hk
Wed Jun 3 00:16:51 UTC 2009

Mackenzie Morgan wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 June 2009 10:49:57 am Chan Chung Hang Christopher wrote:
>> Even GNU does not ignore POSIX.
> Yes, it does.  See earlier mentions of GNU not using POSIX block sizes.
A single case and one where they still acknowledge POSIX.

>> Do you have some better place to make kibi, mebi, gibi, tebi (look! I am 
>> practicing real hard!) relevant to the computer world?
> Well, as far as I can see, the only way people will get used to the existing 
> standards, is to have them in regular usage.  So, let's use them.  The rest 
> will follow.

You're nuts. Decades have been spend in TEACHING kilo/mega/whatever = 
multiples of 1024 when it comes to computers and now you think just 
changing that convention silently is okay?

What on earth is wrong with you people? Very few people out there know 
about the whole kibi/mebi/gibi business and you want to cause more 
confusion by having people download a file that is said to be X Mbytes 
but Nautilus reports is Y Mbytes?

Get the standard incorporated into POSIX, implement along with others 
and then get the educators 'uneducated' about 1024 multiples. Unless you 
want people on Ubuntu being the odd ones out when it comes to file 
sizes. Geez.

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