Boost package plans for Karmic

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Jun 1 07:25:27 UTC 2009

Scott Kitterman [2009-05-28 11:03 -0400]:
> At UDS I was asked to look into which boost packages we should target for 
> Karmic.  Currently we have boost (1.34), boost1.35, boost1.37, boost1.38, and 
> boost-defaults in Karmic.

Thanks for looking into this!

> Debian is transitioning to an unversioned libboost-dev package provided by 
> boost-defaults.  We need to have this version for packages we sync from 
> Debian, but in Ubuntu packages are preferred not to build depend on it.

What's the reason for this? Having done some boost transitions myself,
I know that a lot of packages aren't sensitive to the particular boost
version and build/work fine with any. For those an unversioned build
dep makes sense IMHO?



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