Django version 1.1 released and Minor Release Exception for Django

Krzysztof Klimonda kklimonda at
Wed Jul 29 15:57:37 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-07-29 at 16:38 +0100, Oli Warner wrote:
> Django 1.1 was released a couple of hours ago. As a Django developer
> (on an ubuntu box) who pushes sites out on ubuntu servers, I'd like to
> know whether 1.1 will make it into karmic.
There is a 1.1rc1 in Debian experimental for some time. I'm going to
send email today to maintainer to ask how to help him if needed.
Before an update can be done we must make sure that all packaged django
modules work fine with 1.1 release. I don't expect any problems but
still they have to be checked. There are about 20 packages in Karmic
repository but I think we should be done even before Feature Freeze.

BTW. Django 1.0.3 was released and it has security fix. As Django has
pretty strict API breaking policies in point releases and a good unit
test coverage I was wondering whenever we could ask TB to give Django
Micro Release exception. Unfortunately upstream doesn't distribute unit
tests in tarballs. If it's a deal breaker then I'll have to contact them
and raise this issue.
I'd like to have it done before the next LTS so we have as good Django
stack in Ubuntu as possible.

Best Regards,
Krzysztof Klimonda

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