The google custom search - perhaps it went there by itself?

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Mon Jul 27 14:19:29 UTC 2009

> I understand that you're annoyed because you feel an issue that's
> important to you has been ignored for a long time, but venting your
> feelings to the list is never productive.  You are more likely to get
> useful responses if you focus on constructive areas of debate, and
> ignore irrelevant sub-threads wherever possible.  Doing so will make
> your thread look more attractive to potential posters.
> 	- Andrew

This is why I asked very politely and concisely, both one year ago, and 
three days ago. I even posted a second message to clarify that I was not 
referring to the multi-search. So if you know something about the google 
custom search you can reply to the first message and I will not injury 

Being direct and being polite may live together.

I know that it is easier to not reply when it can likely cause a mess. 
But not replying is going to cause a mess anyways because it is evident 
from the sole startup page that the user is not informed.


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