The google custom search - perhaps it went there by itself?

Vincenzo Ciancia ciancia at
Mon Jul 27 10:16:20 UTC 2009

Il 27/07/2009 10:52, Alan Pope ha scritto:
> ..or read his blog post about it:)
> (which I can see Vincenzo already has, and has indeed commented on it
> [assuming that's Vincenzo]).

When someone can start reading my e-mail... I already explained very 
well that the object of the question is not the multi-search but the 
default search page which *has been there since hardy* and I also am 
perceiving this big confusion between multisearch, which is a testing 
feature, and the default page, which has been there since hardy, as a 
way to take time and not reply.

Do you know anything about the custom search? If so, tell us, if not, 
you are confirming my theory, not the opposite.


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