Call for Testers: Karmic kernel with sound controller powerdown fixes

Daniel Chen seven.steps at
Sat Jul 25 17:56:46 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Some time ago, I asked[0] for bugs to be reported against Karmic's
sound drivers as we move toward improved power savings. Those of you
running Karmic on HDA hardware should notice improvements in a test
kernel[1]. If you have already filed a bug using the instructions in
[0], please follow up in your bug report whether - and to what degree
- the test kernel alleviates the popping anomalies.

Of particular interest are experiences of netbook owners, e.g., people
testing Kubuntu Netbook Edition.

Note that only an amd64 kernel is available presently. I am building
an i386 one real soon now. Please remember to verify the SHA512SUMs of
the downloaded packages.



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